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#MikeWhite = #Enlightened

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by Bobbi Lurie

 @    xxx I am ur first follower-i hope you saw no. 1 the way Amy did in #Enlightened: watch tonight- @mikewhiteMW =Chekov of t.v. in U.S.A


@HBO_Enlightened most unifying statement i’ve read = “i wanted 2 keep it a secret but they won’t renew if so” #myfaultsorry


Once u know…nothing can trouble u but ur own imagination, u come 2 disregard..desires…fears…live by truth alone -N. M@HBO_Enlightened


It is your fixed idea that you must be something or other that blinds you – Nisargadatta Maharaj @HBO_Enlightened


Awareness=ever there.
It need not b realized.
Open…shutter of …mind, and it will be flooded with light – N. Maharaj @HBO_Enlightened


@HBO_Enlightened @mikewhiteMW @YouTube only the broken heart is open + is free – #Enlightened breaks me 4 the writing – i say 2 all writers


@HBO_Enlightened @mikewhiteMW @YouTube the best humor is nothing but the truth + boldness/ Mike White’s secret = total honesty = depth of


@HBO_Enlightened @HBO E 7 S 1-cannot yet find words-no 1 has sd/ shown this/ ty u r conceptual artists / painters / leaving us (me) wordless


rarest of artists-every emotion legitimately crafted thru-complexity of human heart-ours + theirs = same =#Enlightened @HBO


@EnlightenedUp beautiful-we must stop + think what it means 2 have such poetry on television @mikewhiteMW IS saying sooo much 2 us – #listen


About the Author:

Bobbi Lurie’s fourth poetry collection, the morphine poems, was recently published by Otoliths. Her other books are Grief Suite, Letter from the Lawn and The Book I Never Read (CW Books). Her television reviews for Berfrois can be found here.

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