Thomas Travisano

Thomas Travisano is the Chair of the Department of English & Theatre Arts at Hartwick College.  He specializes in modern and contemporary American literature and in American poetry. He is particularly well known for his critical and editorial work on the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), Robert Lowell (1917-1977), and the poets of their generation. Along with many articles, he has published such books as Elizabeth Bishop: Her Artistic Development and Midcentury Quartet: Bishop, Lowell, Jarrell, Berryman and the Making of a Postmodern Aesthetic.


Thomas Travisano on Robert Lowell

One suspects that just as Lowell drew out of Bishop—in her effort to engage...

The Bishop-Hemingway Connection by Thomas Travisano

by Thomas Travisano The poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) was once considered a comparatively isolated...