Friday, April 18, 2014

Theme: Islamophobia

  • Since the late 1990s, immigration has been a far more important issue in Britain than in almost any other European country. Indeed, for much of the new millennium it has been the issue which most troubles voters. Although opinion polls now show that concerns about the economy figures more prominently, the 2012 British Social Attitudes survey reports that 51 per cent of respondents seek a major reduction in immigration. Moreover, polls indicate growing hostility towards Muslims in particular: a 2012 Guardian poll found that only 28 per cent believe that Muslims want to integrate into British society.Read more
  • However nuanced, it is striking how little extant interpretations attend to the fact that Breivik’s most grotesque violence was not directed at Muslims or immigrants as such but at the youth members of the Norwegian Social Democrats.Read more
  • The ritual slaughter of animals has become the last of many areas of contention that are changing the shape of our public domains. Read more
  • The French writer Pascal Bruckner wants to forbid a word. Which sounds more like a typically German obsession. Read more
  • How, after fifty years of the institutionalised nurture of human rights and anti-racism in Europe could an ideology of vicious discrimination gain such ground? Read more
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