Sunday, April 20, 2014

Theme: Jason Dittmer

  • Ing Phouséra, or Séra, as he is known in artistic circles, is a French-Cambodian comics artist who evacuated Phnom Penh with his French mother in 1975. While the subject of his works range far and into other media, he came to my attention for his graphic novels about the Khmer Rouge period and its aftermath in Cambodia: Impasse et Rouge, L'Eau et la Terre and Lendemains de cendres. Read more
  • The Art of Comics bills itself as the “first-ever collection of essays published in English devoted to the philosophical questions raised by the art of comics”. This much-qualified claim is certainly true, and I have waited anxiously for its publication since I first learned it was in production. Aaron Meskin and Roy T. Cook, the editors of the volume, have assembled an impressive array of philosophers to comment on comics. Read more
  • Bosnia Remade is a book a long time in coming and yet absolutely timely. The book takes as its scope not only the 1990s war in Bosnia but also the decade-long effort to undo the war’s effects.Read more
  • Attila Marján’s The Middle of the Map is a book that defies easy characterization. From its cover photo by Deep Purple’s Roger Glover to…well, really the cover photo by Roger Glover should be enough to differentiate this book from others in the field of geopolitics.Read more
  • The other day I was emailed by a friend: “Did you know that Gabrielle Giffords may be the Antichrist?” My eyes widened in surprise.Read more
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