Excerpt: 'Griftopia' by Matt Taibbi


From The New York Observer:

During the winter of 2008-2009, when I was just feeling my way through the first story I was writing for Rolling Stone about the financial crisis, I started to notice something amusing. One of the keys to talking to sources about any subject is clicking with their sense of humor, and I was noticing that with a lot of the financial people I was calling, I was missing laugh cues whenever anyone mentioned the investment bank Goldman Sachs. No one ever just referenced “Goldman”; they would say “those motherfuckers” or “those cocksuckers” or “those motherfucking cocksucking assholes at Goldman, Sachs.” It was a name spoken with such contempt that you could almost hear people holding it away from their faces as they talked, the way you do with the baggie of shit you have to pick up curbing your dog on the streets of New York.

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