‘Fishnet’ by Jessica Anya Blau


From Once Was Blip:

At one point the hole in Jane’s fishnet bodysuit was a circle, perfectly sized for a golf ball. Now, after numerous nights with Fred pawing at the hole, you could get a volleyball through it. Jane wonders who would choose to wear such a flimsy device (it holds nothing in, lifts nothing, obscures little) if not for the pleasure of another person.

The knee-high boots, Jane must admit, are for her own pleasure. Four inches high and shiny like wet nail polish, they make Jane feel as tall and powerful as Fred.

Alone in the bedroom, Jane lowers the iPhone to her baby-smooth crotch and snaps a photo. She takes one of each breast. It is hard to center the tiny eye-hole of the iPhone. The pictures come out mis-framed in ways that seem artistic and edgy. Jane places the phone behind herself and tries to get her ass. She misses three times, her finger hitting nothing but the glass screen. Finally she nails it: her white flesh expands in diamonds where her body sensuously bulges.

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