‘Occupy the Moon’ by Tony White


From The Arts Catalyst:

‘Fifthly,’ I said, ‘BEARING in mind that by large PAY and much free-quarter with the resources of the Moon they bought the right to be Justices and Rulers by a bloody and subtle thievery. We object to the rescue of very rich men over the enslaved…’

‘And so on. Um,’ I found another fragment: ‘Sixthly, RECALLING the free use of outer space…’ but before I could continue she reached over, and took the tablet out of my hand

‘What was that bit about manure?’ she asked, waving back up through the text to read it aloud:

“RECOGNISING, secondly, the importance of wit and play in exploration, the achievements of subtle imagination and ingenious wit, we began by dealing briefly with the argument through observation, though our difficulties were great. One not inconsiderable inconvenience being distance, though the Earth is our next door neighbour. The digging up and appliance of manure, the sowing of corn, is the solution of our mystery: our Sea of Fertility or Mare Fecunditatis. We desire the Moon to be a common treasury of relief for all. Yet that Moon which should be a common store house was bought and sold and kept in the hands of the few.

Demonstrations arose, for none should dare to seek a dominion over others, neither shall any dare to kill another, none desire more of the Moon than another, for he that will rule over, imprison, oppress and kill his fellow creatures walks contrary to the rule of righteousness: Do as you would have others do to you and love your enemies not in words but in deeds.

Likewise, thirdly, we are DETERMINED to oppose Kings, Lords, Justices, Bailiffs and the violent Colonels, Captains, Constables and security personnel who imprison, rob and kill the enslaved…”

‘I don’t know about you,’ she said, without needing to point out the obvious, ‘but I’m not going to step outside and dig anything!’

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