Old Castle: Kafka Recomposed


by Gérard Bertrand

The Old Castle
The old castle often loomed in Kafka’s dreams.

Kafka at the Hopper home
Although he had been invited, Franz Kafka nonetheless had the disagreeable sensation
of not being welcome at the Hopper home.

Vassili K.’s workshop
A frequent visitor of Vassili K.’s workshop, Franz Kafka, aged twenty-three at the time, was a surprised witness to the birth of abstract art.

“Fly Me To The Moon”
When the Monk and the Bird started playing “Fly Me To The Moon”, Kafka (AKA “the Jackdaw”)
also took flight.

A Souvenir
Long after he had left, the Tati Assicurazioni firm kept Franz’s memory alive.

Kafka, Billie and Lester
One evening in the streets of the old town, Franz Kafka met the President, who was serenading the Lady of his Days.
(Lady Day, Prez and Kafka)

The Memory of Milena
Even when he was travelling abroad, the memory of Milena hounded Franz Kafka.

In the “Ellipse”
Having reached the heart of the Garouste’s “Ellipse” without any real effort, Franz Kafka immediately recognized familiar worlds.

Franz Kafka and his Brothers
On Sundays, Franz Kafka and his brothers loved to linger in front of no. 33 Gold Street.

Kafka on Freud’s couch
Invited to lie on the couch, Kafka refused to part with his Diary and kept his mouth shut.

Kafka and the French “Gendarme”
At Beaune-la-Rolande Franz Kafka innocently asked a policeman for directions.

Gregor Samsa and Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka was able to persuade Ottla that in spite of her cramped lodgings, she owed it to herself to accommodate Gregor Samsa and his new family.

The High Hats Club
Eager to discover the world, Franz Kafka joined the High Hats Club, only to resign shortly thereafter.

The Heirs
Franz Kafka was only five years old when he made Jorge Luis, André, Julien and Georges trim and
cord peddlers.

Kafka in Amerika
After checking everyone’s identity, Franz Kafka was forced to admit that he would never find Karl Rossmann.

In Atalante
Even when she used the sewing machine, “the boss”, Franz Kafka was never jealous of Father Jules.

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