Max Beerbohm’s Poet Caricatures


A selection of poet caricatures by Max Beerbohm.

Coleridge, table-talking, 1904

Oscar Wilde, 1916

Henrik Ibsen, Receiving Mr William Archer in Audience, 1904

Lord Byron, shaking the dust of England from his shoes, 1904

Riverside Scene. Algernon Swinburne Takes his Great New Friend Gosse to See Gabriel Rossetti, 1916

Mr. Matthew Arnold. To him, Miss Mary Augusta, his niece: “Why Uncle Matthew, oh why, will you not be always wholly serious”, 1904

Ned [Burne-Jones] and Topsy [William Morris] settled in the settle at Red Lion Square, 1917

William Shakespeare, his method of work, 1904

 Robert Burns, having set his hand to the plough, looks back at Highland Mary, 1904