The 23 Most Recent Tweets of Melissa Broder



fuck the son marry the spirit kill the father

fav if paranoid rt if they’re definitely talking abt u

open 2 chakras at once bb i’m not playin

a cool date wld be w someone imaginary shaped exactly like my emptiness

designer anxiety

virgin purpledrank

s/o to sexualizing loneliness, fear, guilt, envy and candy

brb masking the pain w obsessive fantasy

drive-thru spiritual awakening

want my aura to be darker

let’s rub our dopamine together and make a fake okayness

bitch i might repress my feelings and/or needs to avoid feeling vulnerable

bitch i might let my compulsions prevent me from achieving intimacy w the divine light that exists within all

don’t want to be responsible for my face anymore

can u just conform to my fantasy thx

artist’s statement: trying to stay alive

fav if it’s your mom’s fault rt if it’s your dad’s

want jesus to like me as more than a friend

chromed out attentionseeking w the validation rims

feel like ppl think i’m ‘going through something’

if u don’t exist i’m in love w u

show me on the doll where my poetry touched you

*pretends to be real*

Cover image by Frederic Edwin Church, 1853

About the Author:

Melissa Broder is the author of two poetry collections, MEAT HEART and WHEN YOU SAY ONE THING BUT MEAN YOUR MOTHER.