Some of the 36 Most Recent Tweets of Melissa Broder


compulsion my side bitch, obsession my main bitch

sexting the abyss

it may not be the coolest depression but it’s mine

the void got me turnt

chromed out humanity w the cosmic loneliness interior

i wanna dilute the shit out of yr brand

*wants dust to have feelings for me*

hug so big it never not huggin u

if u love something let it not text u back

5 sec attention span b4 it wuz cool

never want to find my center

intimacy ft. issues

living in a body ft. what the fuck

i wanted to drive yr hearse

don’t wanna be in charge of my body anymore

took myself on an artist’s date to cvs

got yr hoes avoiding poetry readings

excited to watch young ppl get old

cool self-worth where did u get it

scared to not have a crush on anyone

came out the womb w sense of defeat

social anxiety in da house

overanalyzing 4evs

hope the cosmic design involves thinking abt yrself a lot

the universe’s thigh gap

i don’t exist anymore and it’s awesome

my hypersensitivity brings all the defense mechanisms 2 the yard

give every feeling 21 seconds to kill you

he ignored me and it felt like a kiss

in space no one can hear u review art

Images by NASA, ESA, J. Hester