The Latest Exquisite Corpse Story


by Russell Bennetts and Rauan Klassnik

Hi Rauan,

How is Mexhico? I’ve deprogrammed a Streets of Rage 2 cartridge to include a terrordactyl lots in it. I’ll post you a copy in the post, I mean, if that sounds like a good idea to you?

Best wishes



Hi Rauan,

Not heard back from you. If you’re not interested then fuck you, man.




hey Russell,

sorry, man, I was too busy playing Catullus with a bunch of Mexican whores.

9 times! Ipsitilla! 9 times! (& Conchita, & Conseula, Margarita, blah, blah, fucking blah)

The parrots here suck all the narcos



it’s the twoof state solution

R-Dawg 9000

About the Authors:

Russell Bennetts is the editor of Berfrois.

Rauan Klassnik’s new book, The Moon’s Jaw, was released earlier this year from Black Ocean. His first book, Holy Land (also from Black Ocean), was published in 2008. Rauan grew up in South Africa, then lived in Dallas, Texas (yeah, yeah) and now resides with his wife in the quiet suburbs of lovely Seattle.