Excerpt: 'The “Girls” of Nizhny Novgorod' by Victoria Lomasko


From Words Without Borders:

According to the girls, their clients are largely either “losers” or “wogs” (churki). When there are a lot of clients, they joke that there must be a holiday at the mental hospital.

“We know both sides of men. Guys are jerks.”

“All of them?”

“No. There are also studs. They’re like dogs: they want to get out of the house and live it up.”

“Who are the strangest customers?”

“The ones who come in women’s lingerie, want to do a striptease themselves and get fucked with a strap-on. Many guys come here because their wives refuse to do fairly simple things. Sometimes, customers offer to buy girls in bulk at a discount. Everyone wants a freebie.”

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