My Wish List


by Nada Gordon

Baise-moi, Jeff Bezos
in the unlimited instant

we’ll drive into a cloud
I’ll be your loyal android

I’ll give you all my pesos,
my master, Jeff Bezos

Dominate my small fragile
market: I’ve not yet given you all

that you need, as it would drain me
too much. A velvety nudge

at the lips of my dopamine
receptors. I soak the soft fur

beneath us with the strong
lustful scent of apps & games

of printers & ink, of bedding,
yes, of bedding, & of bath

O Jeffrey, kindle my fire!
Subscribe to me and save

I want All Beauty
I want Luxury beauty

My breath catches as wave
after wave floods my young body

battering my mind
into complete submission

Order me now
with just one click!

Your venom is so quick,
like your personalization team

And by the time you’ve finished
your lips and cheeks are pink

as Blu-Ray, as fine art, as men’s grooming
while cellphones & accessories stream

from between my widespread recent history
your whispersync echoing inside me

everything around me melts
into a gray fog of unending ecstasy

as you sink deep into my clenching heat
with an animalistic growl, Jeff Bezos

A version of this poem will feature in the upcoming book Relentless.

About the Author

Nada Gordon is the author of many books, a proud member of the Flarf Collective, an incipient filmmaker, and she practices poetry as deep entertainment. Her blog is


Daniel Oberhaus: Jeff Bezos, 2019 (CC)