Equinoctial Invitation


by Jeredith Merrin

     —March 2016

We’re nearing death,
which sometimes makes us laugh,
and it is Spring.

The sun sets and rises
centered at the end
of any East-West road;

the hours of night
the hours of light.

Dangerous, boorish men
ask us to vote for them.
The news is dark

as it has always been—
in Babylon,
Macedon, Rome:

stupidity and greed,
perennial war. . .
But April’s almost here.

Let’s seize today.
Horace had his Sabine
and Falernian wine.

We have the mall.
Store windows full
of crocus-colored clothes.

About the Author:

Poet Jeredith Merrin has published two books — Shift and Bat Ode —with the Phoenix Poets series from the University of Chicago Press. Her new volume Cup was published by Able Muse Press in 2014. She lives in Arizona.