A Letter From X


Dear Bennetts,

How goes the late Empire? Still fraying at the edges? Of course it is. Even though imperialism is “out of fashion” these days, it still must pain you. And yet, as you very well know, that’s not why I write.

I see you have–against my deliberate counsel–contributed to the “Lost Signals” project.

Oh, Bennetts! The deep and structural betrayal of your actions!

Of course you have, despite my well-sourced information, contributed to the site, compromised, as it is, in structural, aesthetic, and ideological ways so deeply antithetical to your stated positions. Poor X has been following your concerns–Berfrois, Queen Mobs, and other unnameables. Can’t you see where it’s all headed? The dark path you, yourself, have imagined?

Your Margaret Thatcher once said that “there is no such thing as society.” Although you bristle at that statement, doesn’t each and coming and passing day prove her words?

These “Hampstead” thoughts of yours, Mr. Bennetts, what deeper reservoirs do they tap into? Perhaps Mrs. Bennetts might address this, at some future date, for is not she, too, caught up in the shenanigans of your late empire?

Oh, yes, how you have endeavoured to keep Mrs. Bennetts on the sidelines. Do you see that now, Bennetts, a more exact accounting of your actions, in this regard, required?

Oh, Bennetts, you have roused poor, dejected, down-trodden X, and for what?

The dastardly wormhole that is Lost Signals… well, just look what has happened.

And what HAS happened? “Lost Signals” indeed. Poor X has “unfollowed” himself. Does that make you feel better?

And yet, dear old X can’t help but know that, somehow, we need each other. You and X, Bennetts, straight down the line, hand in hand, to the bitter end.