Ivanka’s role is tempering a man who doesn’t work…


Image via Twitter

From Harper’s:

President Trump reached out to President Duterte on the phone, requesting a visit.

There is always some awkwardness when an overture is rejected. Emily Post suggests that if you’re otherwise occupied, you should “accentuate the positive” and “be straight about the future.” This is tough for Duterte, however. Besides being an extrajudicial-killing enthusiast, he has lately been snubbing the United States in favor of talking to China. He also said, “Donald Trump is a bigot, I am not.” Nevertheless, he has claimed, “I can always be a friend to anybody.”

If feelings were hurt, Ivanka Trump may have been sent in to smooth things over. On the billboard, she is pictured wearing a modest black dress, appearing business-ready with her hair pulled back. Her fingers are resting in her palm as if she were a stewardess on an exotic airline. She is a professed “daddy’s girl,” after all, and says that she serves as a moderating influence in her new official role as her father’s adviser. In Ivanka’s capacity as a woman who works—her new book, Women Who Work, went on sale today—her role is tempering a man who doesn’t. When the image of her, watching like T.J. Eckleburg over the Manila skyline, was said to have been taken down some time ago, an observer might have wished, history-making corruption aside, that it wasn’t. Duterte could use some moderating, too.

“The Moderator in Manila”, Betsy Morais, Harper’s