by John Perivolaris

A for Austerity


République #12


Remain or Brexit


Falling boy


Shoreditch Bridge Portraits #282


Shoreditch Bridge Portraits #281




Shoreditch Bridge Portraits #290


Shoreditch Bridge Portraits #287


Shoreditch Bridge Portraits #291




Fossil future #1


Fossil future #2




Blow the Bank


About the Artist:

John Perivolaris has received commissions to work on major photographic projects in the UK and internationally. Often collaborative, his projects use photography, text, and related media to reflect on diasporic states of being in the late period of capitalism. His website is:

London, 1978 – 1980 and Austerity are two suites of photographs that bracket his evolution as a photographer. They span two periods of austerity in the UK. They also trace the transition from analogue to digital camera, to cameraphone, sampling the surfaces of, respectively, two ages. They also document traces and faces of life in granular black and white and pixellated colour during the late and post-industrial periods of British history.