‘Flowers in the Lunchroom’ by Joe Linker


by Joe Linker

in the church

Pint in purse waiting
in line at the Forum
for the Jimi concert.

Empty condom package
in the glovebox of the gas
station loaner car.

Used toilet sitting
in yard by the gate
under the carob tree.

“Modifiers brighten
your speech” classroom
bulletin board poster.

Dirty cloth diapers
piled high
on the baby grand.

Oakum and bars of lead
cast iron pot and melting
furnace in back of garage.

Jack Kerouac
for kids
book of haiku.

At Berfrois
Literature, Ideas,
Tea leaves soon.

Coffee in the kitchen
trash cans on the street
sun chasing moon.

Bags of beer cans
to be recycled
again and again.

So much depends
upon typography
and whiteout ribbon.

Jack climbed
as high as he could
then came down.


About the Author

Joe Linker blogs at The Coming of the Toads.

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Republished here under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Cristofer Maximilian: Portland, OR, USA, 2019 (Unsplash)

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