Van Gogh's Paris


Vincent van Gogh (30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter. From 1886 until 1888, he lived in Paris and then Asnières-sur-Seine, a Parisian suburb.

View from Theo’s Apartment, 1887

The Hill of Montmartre With Stone Quarry, 1886

Path in Montmartre, 1886

View of Paris, 1886

Boulevard de Clichy, 1887

In the Café: Agostina Segatori in Le Tambourin, 1887

Café Table With Absinthe, 1887

Interior of a Restaurant, 1887

The Restaurant de la Sirène, 1887

Gate in the Paris Ramparts, 1887

By the Seine, 1887

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