Version 1.0 published July 2018.
Ebook, 77 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9928034-6-9

Nas David: “I need a new n**** for this black cloud to follow.”



Rachael Arrighi’s RAP/PAP is an exploration of, a thinking alongside, rap — its musicality, its structure, its singular poeticity … through 12 lessons. I particularly enjoyed the way in which Arrighi opened the register of accent and the relationship between song and words (alongside sound), alongside the way she attended to the dossier of sirens, letting it play out as call, as police, as seduction, as constraint, amongst other possibilities. Structuring her text as lessons was illuminating: not just because it was instructive to me (it certainly was), but as it also allowed her text to resonate with echoes of la leçon, in which a student is supposed to rift  for about half an hour on a given theme, topic, word, after being given a short time to prepare … surely the closest the academy will ever come to witnessing free-form association as an act of creation.

In many ways, with RAP/PAP, Arrighi has managed to materialise an electronic text — the kind which Victor J. Vitanza and Gregory Ulmer have been conceiving of, calling for. It is also telephonic text in the manner in which Avital Ronell speaks of texts calling out to, taking calls from, each other …

With RAP/PAP, not only has Rachael Arrighi brought forth a text which responds to, thinks with, rap, much like how rap made us question what music is, allowed us to open new possibilities in music, she has initiated reflections that make our certitudes about texts tremble.

— Jeremy Fernando, Jean Baudrillard Fellow at The European Graduate School & Fellow of Tembusu College at The National University of Singapore.