Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Berfrois is smart, and wide-ranging, engaged and engaging. It’s lightening fast, yet deeply aware. With all the competition for our attention in the republic of letters, Berfrois is a sparkling must-read every day.”

— Don Share, Senior Editor, Poetry

“By now, we all know that online magazines are the future of literary criticism.
Berfrois is one of the precious few British sites ceaselessly publishing work on a par with the best in the field.
Long may it continue to do so.”

— David Winters, Co-Editor in Chief, 3:AM Magazine

Berfrois is one of the places I go to when I want serious, satisfying writing on literature. Everyone who cares about books should read it.”

— Scott Esposito, Writer and Critic

“Clobbered daily by (dis)information, I sometimes feel that art and poetry has retreated behind a giant’s wall. Berfrois has unlocked a door for me into that enchanted garden. I want to thank Berfrois for their incredible generosity. @Berfrois is pure magic and the website is a living work of art. I just love it.”

— Lucy Lawless, Actress and Environmental Activist

“I love Berfrois! I think it’s great!”

— Elif Batuman, Author, Academic and Journalist

Berfrois is a literary-intellectual online magazine. It is edited by Russell Bennetts. The site is updated daily.

Berfrois is published by Pendant Publishing in London, UK.


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