Monday, April 21, 2014

Yahia Lababidi

Yahia Lababidi is a Pushcart-nominated poet, aphorist and essayist with work appearing in such publications as AGNI, Harper’s, Rain Taxi, New Internationalist and Philosophy Now.

His work has also appeared in several anthologies, such as Geary’s Guide to the World’s Great Aphorists, where he is the only contemporary Arab poet featured. To date, Lababidi’s writing has been translated into Arabic, Slovak, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Turkish.  He was recently chosen as a juror for the 2012 Neustadt International Prize.

Lababidi’s first book, Signposts to Elsewhere (Jane Street Press) was selected as a 2008 Book of the Year by The Independent, UK.  His latest book is a critically-acclaimed collection of twenty-one literary and cultural essays, Trial by Ink: From Nietzsche to Belly-dancing (Common Ground Publishing).


Poetry can restore our sight…

Physical distance is difficult because of the helplessness it engenders. To see one’s world unraveling continents and oceans away and to feel that you can’t do anything can be terribly frustrating. But with distance, one also sees more clearly. Art, as I understand it, and this includes philosophy, is about cultivating a certain distance so that we might, in turn, lend our vision to those in the thick of historic events.
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‘Shuttered Windows’ and ‘Liberation Song’ by Yahia Lababidi

To speak of the smell and feel of books, the erotics of the text, has begun to sound perverse
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‘The Artist as Mystic: Conversations with Yahia Lababidi’ by Alex Stein

Alex Stein calls poetry “the alphabet zoo.” “We convene on the grounds of the alphabet zoo, and see what there is to see,” he says. “They are all poets,” Alex continues. “Nietzsche, too. And Kafka. If the term is to have any meaning at all.
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‘Trial by Ink’ by Yahia Lababidi

In the wry 1986 Smiths hit song Frankly, Mr. Shankly, singer/lyricist Morrissey warns, “Fame…it can play hideous tricks on the brain” - mind games, that is, where the audience is an unwittingly accomplice.
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23 Aphorisms by Yahia Lababidi

Complete honesty is the luxury of the utterly good, or the utterly shameless. Our morality is determined by the level of immorality that we can afford to live with.
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‘Cairo’ by Yahia Lababidi

I buried your face, someplace by the side of the new road so I would not trip over it every morning or on evening strolls
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Yahia Lababidi: Every Tweet

Poetic Ideal: a language scrubbed clean by silences. If we listen, the air is heavy with poems, ripe for plucking.
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‘Egypt’ by Yahia Lababidi

You are the deep fissure in my sleep, that hard reality underneath a stack of soft-cushioning illusions. Self-exiled, even after all these years I remain your ever-adoring captive
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‘Tombstone Epitaph’ and ‘Endurance’ by Yahia Lababidi

Here, a monk and a satyr, an ascetic and an aesthete, did long and bloody battle
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