On the Sense of an Ending


by Eli S. Evans

“To begin, begin,” said someone, making no mention of the fact that in order for anything at all to begin, something else first must have ended.

About the Author

Eli S. Evans thought that “To begin, begin” was a Wordsworth quote. “To begin, begin. And to end, just pull the fuckin plug.” That was Evans.


Joseph C. Sindelar, Closing Day Entertainments, c. 1920 (detail).

Frank A. Nankivell, “Friends, farewell!“, (Puck cover illustration shows a gathering of “The Undiscovered Club” where the North Pole, recently discovered by either Frederick A. Cook or Robert E. Peary, is making a tearful departure; those gathered and awaiting discovery are “The Man in the Iron Mask, Perpetual Motion, The man who wrote Shakespeare, Fountain of Youth, South Pole, The Lost Lenore wearing a pin labeled ‘Poe’, Universal Peace, Captain Kidd’s Treasure, Honest Graft, The Great American Novel, [and] Something for Nothing”), 1909.

The post image is a detail from hhm8: IMG_20170925_143103, 2017 (CC).


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