Monday, April 21, 2014

Theme: Legacy Russell

  • A performative intimacy between Legacy Russell & Clifford OwensRead more
  • Everyone has tried to use Photo Booth on an Apple computer to take a staged photo of themselves looking effortlessly effortless. If you’re reading this and you’re all like, “I’d never do that,” you’re either lying to me, to the NSA, to someone else next to you, or you’re just maintaining a front until you have a quiet minute alone to close the door to your room and give it a try (if this is the case, Erving Goffman would be proud of you). I tried.Read more
  • A video art series by Legacy Russell Read more
  • The cultural practice of the "perp walk" is a form of social performativity. The perp walk itself is not a performance, singular. Rather, it is a myriad of happenings, spectacles that are historically and ontologically specified, a genre of modern pop ritual recognized and claimed as an informal aspect of the judicial system, most specifically within the United States of America. Read more
  • Dear Ms. Spector: Please find here my recent review of "Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective," currently on view at your venerable institution. I truly enjoyed it.Read more
  • Poet Richard Siken begins his “Dirty Valentine” by confessing, “There are so many things I’m not allowed to tell you. / I touch myself, I dream.” I do, too. We live in a confessional culture wherein the most detailed minutiae of everyday life is splayed out via the platform of social media to be pinched black and blue, critiqued and celebrated.Read more
  • It was propped open: the freezer. We had won the local sweepstake at the school pre-Christmas fundraiser and they had given us some beef. Well, not some—a full cow. A cow’s body, cut into pieces, divided up into slabs that perspired into anxious droplets and stuck uncomfortably to the saran wrap it was rolled into. Read more
  • Having begun in late June, the OPEN CEREMONY project will be broken up into four “rites,” each of which will be gradually released into the public realm over the coming months.Read more
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