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From Sign and Sight:

When “The Coming Insurrection” (here in English) was published anonymously in France the state authorities came down hard on its presumed authors. Based on the theories of the Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt, the manifesto calls for political violence and fulminates against democracy and the rule of law.

Now that pamphlet, which kicked up quite a fuss in France and the US, has finally been translated into German, it is now being talked about here. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Süddeutsche Zeitung gave it surprisingly glowing reviews. The radical text initially attracted the attention of the middle-class press because of the central role it played in a legal scandal. It was the main reason why a commune in the French village of Tarnac was put under police surveillance in 2008. The group was suspected of having sabotaged TGV lines and several of its members spent several months in jail, among them the independend scholar Julien Coupat, the head of the collective. The allegations proved unfounded. And yet on 22 October 2010 a court of appeal overturned the request to suspend the inquiry, on the suspicion that the alleged authors of “The Coming Insurrection” were likely to carry out terrorist attacks in the future.

“Elitist revolutionary strutting”, Johannes Thumfart, Sign and Sight