‘The Red Tricycle’ by Lisa Lim


Nance Danforth

From Guernica:

How big is your stove?

She placed her chest against the hot stove and measured: 4 1/2 breasts.

He liked how her odd mouth conjured surprise like a jack in the box. She liked how he used his bathtub as a closet.

Why is there a tricycle in your tub? she asked.

You’re lucky it’s not a rat. We live in New York City. It’s about being creative with space.

He then opened his oven. Look, my pots and pans.

Shifted the couch to reveal a hidden corner exploding with mold and endless stacks of art books and expired medications. And finally his closet. It was a haven for all lost articles.

Have you ever heard of Saint Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Things? Am going to light a candle for you, she said.

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