Games of the I Olympiad


The Games of the I Olympiad, otherwise known as the 1896 Athens Summer Olympics, was the first modern international Olympic Games.

The cover page of the Olympic Hymn by Spyros Samaras, 1896

The opening ceremony

The official poster of the games

The International Olympics Commission, in Paris, 1896

Commemorative Greek stamps

French cyclists Paul Masson and Léon Flameng. Masson won the one lap time trial, the sprint event and the 10,000 meters.

German individual gymnastics champions Carl Schuhmann, Alfred Flatow and Hermann Weingärtner.

Launceston Elliot, winner of the one-armed weightlifting event, was popular with Greek ladies at the time.

Competitors from Princeton University

Winner’s certificate

A silver medal was awarded to the winner of each event.

Cover of Scribner’s, 1896. One of few publications which covered the games.