‘The History of the Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire’ by EnJoe Toh


Mark Weaver

From Words Without Borders:

Chapter of the Bizarre

00: The Galactic Empire stands on what was once a cemetery.

01: Fried bread is a popular dish of which the Galactic Empire is justly proud. With this, Galactic Empire third-year Class Four conquered Galactic Empire first-year Class Two.

02: Soft noodles are a popular dish of which the Galactic Empire is justly proud. Some are of the opinion that the soup stock faction’s purge of the curry faction accelerated the Empire’s downfall.

03: Specimens of Galactic Empire subjects’ skeletons are lined up in the Galactic Empire laboratory. They start to move when night falls in their hometowns.

04: Subjects having no skeletons play piano in the Galactic Empire music room and make known the nights of their home planets.

05: It is known that night in the Galactic Empire will continue until the very end. Thus, the Galactic Empire is always cloaked in some starry night, somewhere.

06: Sometimes, late at night on the Galactic Empire campus, the former Galactic Empire appears. The emperor of the former Galactic Empire reigns over the former subjects of the Galactic Empire.

07: When asked to call out bloody Galactic Empire three times, it is best to chant, “Smash it, smash it.”

08: On the steps to the throne of the Galactic Empire, one occasionally witnesses the ghosts of the young emperors playing “What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?”

09: There is a rumor that there are seven rumors concerning the Galactic Empire. There is also a rumor that there are no such rumors.

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