Two Poems by Paul Verlaine



Let’s dance the jig!

Above all else I loved her eyes,
More clear than stars of cloudless skies,
And arch and mischievous and wise.

Let’s dance the jig!

So skilfully would she proceed
To make a lover’s bare heart bleed,
That it was beautiful indeed!

Let’s dance the jig!

But keenlier have I relished
The kisses of her mouth so red
Since to my heart she has been dead.

Let’s dance the jig!

The circumstances great and small,—
Words, moments… I recall, recall
It is my treasure among all.

Let’s dance the jig!


Sleep, Darksome, Deep

Sleep, darksome, deep,
Doth on me fall:
Vain hopes all, sleep,
Sleep, yearnings all!

Lo, I grow blind!
Lo, right and wrong
Fade to my mind….
O sorry song!

A cradle, I,
Rocked in a grave:
Speak low, pass by,
Silence I crave!

Translations by Gertrude Hall

About the Author:

Paul Verlaine (30 March 1844 – 8 January 1896) was a French poet.