Highlights From the Tissandier Collection


Auguri e felicitazioni, c.1881

Chateau Aérien, exposition universelle, 1894

The balloon Zénith at sunrise or sunset, with five passengers during a long distance flight from Paris to Arcachon in March, 1875. Possibly drawn by Albert Tissandier

Captive balloon of Henri Giffard over Paris, low above Saint Roch church, 1878

Ascensione del cave. Emile Julhes, capitano areonauta, F.H. Tensi, c.1880

Morris père et fils, c. 1880

Vue brillante de l’aniversaire du 14 juillet 1801

Scaled design drawing for the valve assembly of a balloon, including top, bottom, and side views, J. Chavoutier, c.1868

Scaled design drawing shows a system for navigating an airship using propellers. Includes plans of dirigible platform body and complete platform assembly, and identification key, Vaussin-Chardanne, 1853

Godard Balloon, c.1860


View of the Paris Exposition showing waterfront, main exhibit building and balloon flying in the distance, 1867

Man posting an advertisement for “La publicité en France par Emile Mermet” on a city wall between a poster of two people captioned “les femmes” and a poster of a “Montgolfier” hot-air balloon, F. Appel, c.1870

Technical illustration shows elevation and horizontal section of a man-powered flying machine constructed and tested unsuccessfully by Swiss watchmaker Jakob Degen, c.1880

Twenty-four numbered scenes depicting events in the life of Napoleon I, c.1880

Forty-eight numbered scenes relating to the life of Charles IV, King of Spain, c.1788

Nothing is Impossible, between 1860 and 1900

Celebrations for the anniversary of the founding of the French Republic, July 14, 1801

Ascension de Madame Garnerin, 1802

Images from the Tissandier Collection at the Library of Congress