by Jean Vengua

present singular and present perfect;
sufferings of words shuffled down
the assembly line of “outcomes”

Robots are delivering the next generation
of assembly lines and manufacturing, and
it’s coming out of Silicon Valley.

Now compatible with Minecraft 1.4.6 and Minecraft Forge 474
she takes the shape of one of the swiftest birds, a kite.

An original voice in a world of plain vanilla.
encouraging muscle growth and preventing slipping.


Piece originally posted at Jean Vengua | Creative Commons License

About the Author:

Jean Vengua is a writer and artist, and the author of a collection of poetry, Prau, and a chapbook, The Aching Vicinities. With Mark Young, she co-edited the First Hay(na)ku Anthology, and The Hay(na)ku Anthology Vol. II. In the mid 1990s, Elizabeth H. Pisares and Jean Vengua formed Tulitos Press and published and edited the Debut: the Making of a Filipino American Film by Gene Cajayon and John Manal Castro, and The Flipside, by Rod Pulido. Her poetry and essays have been published in many journals and anthologies. Jean has taught at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, CSUMB, and Gavilan College. She currently lives and works in Elkhorn, CA, near Salinas.

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