‘Love Song’ by Alice Notley


Text by Masha Tupitsyn

I love a love slash fuck you poem.

To be able to read fuck you as I love you.

To be able to read what someone is really saying, really feeling. Not feeling, not saying.

To not take things–people–at face value.

To hear what you’re really being told, take what you’re really being given, even when it’s difficult or not the form you want.

“I’ll fuck up your life” (“your cute life”) is to sometimes make it better, a life. I’ll fuck up your fucked up life and make it better by fucking it up. I’ll fuck up your life is the gift you’re getting. Avital Ronell always says that a relation is not real unless you’re rattled, unraveled. Why should meeting each other be light, forgettable? Why should it pass for easy?

Why shouldn’t you not know what hit you?

Why should you remain the same after love?

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