OK, Will Stop Texting



by Masha Tupitsyn

Me in a text to a friend this morning after he told me that his new relationship is over:

“It just makes me sad that everyone lets everyone go all the time. Precarity and chronic melancholy have made everyone emotionally inert and estranged. Now that all the previously stabilizing and organizing structures (however false, oppressive, manufactured, and unsustainable) have been eroded by late capitalism, we need to create internal structures of hope, love, devotion, sustainability, and stability. Otherwise, we’re all doomed. Ok, will stop texting about all these serious things now.”

So much for spring, he wrote back. It’s true, so much for spring. But so much for spring (the idiom and the actual time) can also be turned around.

There is so much for spring.
Spring is so much.
Much can be made from spring.


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