M'Turk M'Turk on the wall


by Daisy Lafarge

who’s the handset of them all?
collective smiles dip and curve
for celestial daddy, see eee ohhhh

At school they said I had an eye for things.
I parted the dirt with a plastic jet and thought

I’ve been trying to get to the heart of things like
staring matches with drones, I live with
several. They’re sweet once domesticated.
Mackenzie thinks they don’t blink but
their eyelids tell otherwise. Wish we had them in frat,
nothing like drones for scouting out honeys,
biologically speaking.

I keep it real: wake up and hit the serfs. A jealous shepherd
keeps tabs on his flock & I’ve been mourning the stray data
of Shawn Buckles for weeks now, christening babies in bundles
while the drones murmur lullabies and move like slow horses.

Delicious! The crowd sauce’s third world seasoned,
licking delhi from my fingers that’ve smudged keys
A through J. But peopleware are happiest cleaning up,
immaterial porpoises and transmuting love
that systems unfuck: that vintage lack is filtered
for pseudo-wellbeing, while tea strained
senses are wrung out of time &

the dead eye keeps blinking, sexily

Poem first published in Relentless by Jeff Bezos

About the Author:

Daisy Lafarge is a student from Hastings, living in Edinburgh. Outside of her studies she writes and tries to invoke the spirit of Oiorpata. Her work has been published in The New Statesman, HOAX and others, more of which can be found at