Arsenal Fans in the Millwall End


Phtograph by Jiri Hodan

From The Guardian:

The media have tried to portray Corbyn as boring, but surely a vote for him in a general election would be a vote for a bloody military coup. Hardly boring. Is it too much to ask that, amid all the hysteria, we have some analysis of what he’s actually doing? Presumably he is reading out the concerns of voters directly in PMQs to emphasise his mandate, and thus insulate himself from his most immediate threat, the parliamentary Labour party. In any case, we should probably stop portraying a career politician as some kind of ingenue unable to understand the procedures of a building he’s worked in for 32 years.

Labour MPs who sit on the benches behind Corbyn: it’s like they’re Arsenal fans who have bought scalped tickets and are sitting in the Millwall end. Of course, Corbyn does have a lot of support from MPs, it’s just that they’re all in the SNP.

I actually intend to get incredibly worked up about his not singing, as I need to distract myself from what’s really happening. Any time I see someone not singing the right song or wearing the right flower in their lapel, I will scream “Traitor!”, as otherwise I will be forced to dwell on the projections that mean our climate is warming rapidly. I will sing my national song as my habitat burns and whole species become extinct; I will sing it as gargantuan boiling waves flecked with rubble and major public buildings pursue me through the streets. I will sing it as I light a pyre of garbage to warn my fellow survivors that our enemies the Crabmen have begun their final sideways march out of the sea. I will sing my national song in a rich baritone in one of humankind’s final mountaintop redoubts. Even when there is none left to hear but the carrion birds that circle me daily, I will sing.

“It’s odd that Jeremy Corbyn is considered non-conformist. He couldn’t be more British if he bled tea”,