Thank You, Funders!



Thank you so much to our 183 fantabulous funders!

We’ll soon be tweeting a message of thanks to S Cearley, Donie Yanner, Petra Mendackar, Ulrike Gueride and Sophia Sephr.

Postcards will be sent to Christopher McGill, Tim Armstrong, Amy Glynn and Nicholas Rombes.

Hawa Allan, Ora Arthur, Sallyann Baldwin, Rhian Berber, Kate Beswick, Jacques Driesdef, Ziv Florence, D. Fujimoto, Esther Gath, Armando Gerhardt, S. Greer, Edith Harcourt, Caitlin Kennedy, Gerald Kilroy, Gordon London, Spencer Hardy, M.L. Harrison, Allyssa Leon, Valerie Irwin, K. Malone, Hector Mithranda, Alexander McGregor, Kadri Palladino, Rina Palumbo, Gary Rimmer, Steven Schofield, German Sierra, Joseph Spece, R. Tide and Torben Wendel will have their names added to our supporters page.

Canvas bags containing signed books will be sent to Gerard Kilroy, Armando Gerhardt, Alexander McGregor and Valerie Irwin.

Thanks also to anyone who shared our campaign on social media. Much appreciated!