QMT feels kind of like a place…


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From Ploughshares:

QMT is everywhere. Place plays a unique role in the magazine’s presence. There’s almost always someone awake in some part of the world who contributes to QMT and their contribution keeps the magazine active around the clock.My work with Latino writers factors into most of the work I do. I am the founder and moderator of the Latino Caucus for the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP). As a moderator and organizer, I am invested in Latino writers at all stages of their career. The Latino Caucus serves to increase the presence of Latina/o writers, editors, & publishers in all areas of the writing community. At the moment, the tools we have available are social media, existing literary institutions, and each other. I am interested in creating visibility of Latino writers and I hope to inspire others to make Latino writers visible in all forms of media.

It all comes down to visibility. The ability for someone to see you or to see yourself in the world plays an incredibly important role in the development of who you are and the possibilities you believe you have.

“DIY: A Tiny Interview With Ruben Quesada”, Daniel Peña, Ploughshares