‘Summer cannot get served because it abjures shirts and shoes’


The Air of Home, František Kaván, 1895

From The Paris Review:

Summer is when we don’t have to get up in the morning, or even the afternoon. Summer is when we insist on ice-cold beer to chill our body cavity, especially the spleen. Summer is when we go see particularly stupid movies because it would be unseasonal to have to think. Summer is when we get into fights with the neighbors over noise or property lines or because we should live next door as well as at our house. Summer is when nobody ever has to make eye contact. Summer is when nothing ever happened before this moment right now. Summer is when we trash the joint because whatever. Summer is when we fire guns into the air and the bullet never comes down.

All the very best countries celebrate their national holidays in the summer. Summer is the season best adapted to modern commerce. When you think Hollywood, you think summer. Arson perpetuates summer; it makes it an action and not just a moment. In summer, we think of rain as a calamity, and so does the weatherman, who pulls a long face at the announcement of a sunless day. Summer craves fresh bodies. Florida is the summer of the fifty states. Four Loko is the summer of alcoholic beverages. Libertarianism is the summer of political persuasions. Summer has no consequences. Summer has children in every orphanage.

“Summer with a Thousand Julys”, Luc Sante, The Paris Review