Come Here My Little Piece of Shit!


by Naomi Huan

Grandma waves at me. I run and jump into her arms.
I take deep smells of her hug;
she smells like every old person. Her eyes
are like polluted rivers of my home.

Let grandma see your little shitface! You are getting fatter!
She smears kisses on my cheeks.
Grandma love you so much. Grandma eat you up
and spit you out.

It’s sunny.
Grandma is in her usual nightgown.
Maybe she’s too old to put on real clothes.
Droopy puppets lay silent under the shadow.

You know why grandma loves you, right?
You’re just like your father, only more disappointing.
But only a girl, so what can I expect, right?

My sweet little shithead.  Grandma winks.


About the Author:

Naomi Huan attends the University of California, Irvine. She was born and raised in China and moved to the US for high school at 16. Her work has appeared in B O D Y., Spires, and Black Napkin Press, where “Come Here My Little Piece of Shit” was first published.