Good Morning Clement & 25th


by Liam J. Kelly

The golden bulbs of the Russian church
Knock against the bottom of the sky
Without answer.
Black tea pours down
Ivory steps: every single body follows
The red bonnet of Nadezhda.

A thick fold of birds beats out
Gusts of creamy wind around
Schoolkids playing circles.
A prayer for safety, a dynamic hug.

Chase, ball, and touch; 1, 2, and 3.
Arch back, spray out, and let fly:
Hooray, Chocolate milk.
Hands up for the truth!

A neighbor’s curtain wobbles open
Wide for the crown of his
Domed stomach.
A black Scottish terrier jumps,
Descends. Hello good world, good bye.

Time for bagpipes, time for twenty minutes of Bagpipes.
Wake up the ears and the old mouth.

Cover image by Wu.

About the Author:

Liam J. Kelly is currently working as an English instructor at a language academy in Berlin, Germany. He is a contributor at BTC Manager, a news source for all things Blockchain and Fintech, as well as the music and culture magazine, The ChopHe was born in London, Ontario and finished his studies at the University of San Francisco.