‘Trivial Pursuit’ by Jac Jemc


From Guernica:

At the Board Game Couple’s apartment, they ask what you’d like to drink only after you’ve agreed on what game you’ll play.

The Board Game Couple often decides the game before you get there, but they make it seem as though you have a say.

The Board Game Couple usually stocks one bottle of red and one bottle of white. A handle of cheap bourbon sits on their bar cart. The husband will bring out four small glasses and a bomber of beer that is usually disgusting for one reason or another—maybe it was fermented with the yeast of one of the brewers’ beards or infused with bacon or peppers or chocolate or all three or maybe there are chicken feathers glued to the outside of the bottle for no reason that you can discern. All have been chosen for their novelty and rarity, not for drinkability. You can ask for the wine or the whiskey, but you’ll still get a sip from the bomber poured in your glass, and the husband will watch that finger of beer until you make it gone.

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