You Might be Happy


by Drew Gardner

to make way for
the coming months
to recover
has become
more important

I am sorry for that
my data was attacked
I am no longer part
of the capabilities

another project
to find the energy
it could take
to know
when that time comes
as I cry into my shirt
for those who need
the noticed information
from now on

she was looking around
in the kitchen
for some food
but there wasn’t any

hunger and love
she said
then she saw
an apple pie in the oven

she brought it to her room
where all the others were
they were all surprised
it was safe to eat
they didn’t want
to get sick
from the influence
of intoxicating substances

just when they
started eating it
she came by and asked
if anyone had seen
the apple pie
that she had left
in the oven
she was shocked
to see everyone
eating the pie
it was she
who had made it
with her hands
but they blamed her
they said
I wanted someone
else to eat it

they wondered
if they should
eat the whole pie
they decided
that it wouldn’t
be good to leave
just a few pieces
and ate the pie
leaving her
to deal with the problem

when she got close
to the gate
someone was waiting
she had a bouquet
and wondered
who it was
saying that it meant
passionate love

such an enormous
of love
can only lower its value
she said

they were sneaking around
they saw her working
on a rupture next to her
what was she making?

it was a holy grail
she had seen in a picture
in her mother’s room
then she gave her some advice

someone was helping someone
in the next room
she told her
she shouldn’t help her too much
the impulse of cruelty
arises from the instinct for mastery
she started burning up
and said to herself
that she hadn’t lost anything yet
she saw the interaction

the teacher asked about the next target
she sent her a picture
she said that it was beautiful
she was an owner of a human heart
so the teacher created a daimon
trying to appease her
with a lullaby
about heaven

she didn’t find any traces
she spotted the flowers
I didn’t know
that there was someone
brave enough
to fall in love with you
I can’t allow
you to look at anyone
besides me
that’s called jealousy

I made the chance for you
go attack
hurry up and leave

her car came crashing
she got out and fired her gun
and they were transformed

they were in the rubble
watching a chance
to get out
she said that her identity
would be changed
right there

but she wouldn’t change
we cannot fall out of this world
she said

she used the sugar
in her bloodstream
but it didn’t work

then climbed the lamp
and asked for forgiveness
at the subatomic level

a bunch of kids
down at the water
are an expanding principle
the opposite of gravity
is tragedy
plus time
not anyone’s
first choice

shaking up
one thing
I manifested
the world
that a lizard
is calling you
make a date
it’s important
to see it.

is getting time
and a half
at a party
reenacted scenes
going back
to make sure
everything’s cool

it’s an island
we’re using it to laugh
with one of the
gray things
and a sudden whim
went around
in the middle of the mix
the mirror shattered

all the students had to do
was memorize
as much as possible
and then write it all down
in the form of a question mark


About the Author:

Drew Gardner’s poetry books include Sugar Pill (Krupskaya), Petroleum Hat (Roof Books), Chomp Away (Combo Books) and, most recently, Defender (Edge Books). His anthology of unruly 20th Century poetry is forthcoming from University of New Mexico Press. His work has appeared in Poetry, The Nation, and Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology. Gardner lives in New York City.

Cover image by Marilyn C. Cole via Flickr (cc).