Three Poems by Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset


insectual instinct

too intent on inventing take in
take away antropocene inventory
or crush crystal into white paint plans
for battle ready reading not wording
mouths meeting where your sentencing
still scratches at under surface hairline fractals
by genuflects or genuine reflection


pealing the apple of my eye

folding you spine pines find plug in
presses mouth hole to socket pops out
sight slight difference in tone tonight
flattened so that we get to assembling
a life style puzzle cut out operation
for teeth stuck in clovers covering  eyelips
blink it out


tells time by water

the porcelain is what goes on the inside
before the place blows up, unceremoniously
coveting stuffed to be filled in like evidence

falling is not an art, landing is
and in bubblewrapping the knife slips
flaccid between nib and nerve

among the things you don’t tell children
instead feeds hungry clocks, cutting grass
not these unreadings and their stubby shards


About the Author:

Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset is a Spanish Norwegian poet, artist and actor living in London. Her book swallowing feathers was published by Sampson Low (2019) while her pamphlet no tittle came out with Penteract Press (2019). Other publications include works in 3:AM Magazine, Ren Sommer, Utflukt and Literratura. She is the contributing editor of JEZGA Magazine.