Three Poems by C. C. Hannett / kmwgh


maged zaher appears on dawson’s creek

enter: the great equalizer:
so many bad comedians
are going to come out of this

i should know, i’m a member
of this punishable demographic

we all stand upright in this boat
stoically considerate of its lack
of movement        blowing kisses

at the unimpressible maged zaher
who plots for our disembarkation;
an icebox of killer tomatoes is all
the dinner we’re slate to turn to sauce
w/ our funny mugs,
our james van der beek frowns


the new year comes with a bright light

the club scene outside is screaming
and i cannot pinpoint a single,
distinguishing characteristic—

it’s just cats on ice

another tornado we stop to film,
pushing back the runtime,

blasting iowa by slipknot;
we present the offensive finger

as it draws closer,
we believe we’ve been making friends


gov. inslee calls me out for going outside barefoot

we’re eating our fingers listening to television;
follow me for more self-deprecating recipes,

banging your head against the wall,
mean butterfly effects,
&& checking in on people who couldn’t

care less what the void is saying back to you

i’m sorry, but when i heard ‘social
distancing’ i thought you meant



‘the new year comes with a bright light’ was previously published on The Night Heron Barks and is republished here with permission of the author.

About the Author:

C. C. Hannett / kmwgh loves cheesesteaks and Madonna GIFs. He is the author of I Gave This Dream to a Color, Triune, SAGA ctrl, and DMMTHL (Spuyten Duyvil) + chapbooks w/ Shotgun Wedding and Horse Less Press. The founder & editor of @rlysrslit. Interviewed by Entropy Mag, his work has been placed with Silent Auctions, The Night Heron Barks, Softblow, DREGINALD, Gramma, Juked, South Broadway Ghost Society, FIVE:2:ONE, The Operating System, Dream Pop, etc. You can find him if you want to.