Two Poems by Christodoulos Makris


please leave

revolt against the mobile mainstream
on periscope there are these busy fakes
with dildos
and unfamous narratives
anonymous superstars
I’ve explosives strapped on
I don’t speak to my father no more
this video I’m making it’s not designed to
silence the dismal stream of commentary
this mania
asking people’s nationality first
a classic Disney princess tactic
what’s wrong with you
the thread that ties me to the universe
is broke
make it work again
it’s cold in this apartment I’m so cold
it’s got nothing to do with sex please leave
the splendour of the world
is my fragility
today I’m converting to Islam
I’m going to regret proclaiming these things
my fading looks or the dead
aren’t a spectacle for just anybody’s entertainment
here’s some sex toys    strippers           naked teenagers in Jacuzzis
turn off the ringer
activate my out of office message
my visage blank           numb               indifferent
I’m not fucking human
a ghost             an extraterrestrial         a sorceress
I’m sore
the malaise is killing me



international playboy and I
posing in a club
oh I press my chest against your torso
lean and bling heavy
the expressions on my face swipe to see more
here’s my namesake
along for the ride
if we stretch it
and here’s one could be our cumulative lover

in a new cityscape
you stockpile I rearrange their chronologies
it’s way less misleading than going out
how come it’s more unreal than ghosting through ruins over a weekend
he thinks
shopping himself into an identical position
in another language
cropping myself the same expression
haemorrhaging tags
onto e-scapes
that’s way more authentic I meant to comment experience


About the Author:

Christodoulos Makris has published three books of poetry, most recently this is no longer entertainment (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019), as well as several pamphlets, artists’ books and other poetry objects. He has presented and performed his work widely across media and borders, and received awards and commissions from many bodies and institutions including the Irish Museum of Modern Art, StAnza Festival, European Poetry Festival, Culture Ireland and Maynooth University. He is the poetry editor at gorse journal. He lives in Dublin.