From 'Digits After Orph' by Chris Gutkind





About the Author

Chris Gutkind has recently had other poems from Digits After Orph in Otoliths and Erotoplasty and more are forthcoming in the next issue of Shearsman. Other poems will soon appear in Pamenar. Books are Inside to Outside (Shearsman), Options with artist Trevor Simmons (Knives Forks Spoons) and What Happened (unpublished). An interior lockdown photo project, Isolation Collaboration, is just out in Permeable Barrier. Gravity Bubbles, a collaboration, will appear in March on Babel Tower Notice Board and printed in Prototype 3 this summer. Digits After Orph is gridded atop Rilke’s Sonnets To Orpheus but does the opposite, more or less. Montreal. London. Librarian.

Cover image: Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The Smoking Fire, 1761 (detail)



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