not a poem


by Jeremy Fernando

poetry, ah that
is a luxury we can-
not afford, once said

Lee Kuan Yew the night
wind to the little lamb, do
you hear what I hear

a child a sweet child
in time, you’ll see the line, the
line that’s drawn between

good and bad sang Deep
Purple rain I only want
to see you under-

neath the purple rain
cried Prince but the conceited
man did not hear him

conceited people
never hear anything but
praise, exclaims the ‘wee

wondering princeling
resist with ideas and most
of all poetry

notes Alfredo Jaar
resistance is possible
breathe, above all else

Arthur Yap teaches
us, don’t make a religion
out of your own view

About the Author

Jeremy Fernando reads, writes, and makes.

Image Details

The post image is a detail from Caravaggio, Narcissus, c. 1597 (detail).

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