‘Really, this all started seven years ago with a toothbrush, a twig, and a tampon…’


From McSweeney’s:

My most advanced move towards becoming an escort however happened when I met Paul. We met over emails and texts on Craigslist. Paul was looking to audition for porn. He needed a partner to showcase his skills on camera. He would pay $500 for an hour’s work. I could make my weekly pay check in 60 minutes.

We set a date and I prepared myself. I was more nervous than the night I lost my virginity at age fourteen in my friend’s Toyota Corolla. Paul texted me that day to say he had “forgot” his camera. We would be having sex for money with no pretense of any other purpose.

I showed up at his hotel room door, sweaty from cycling from work. He moved me into the shower and I emerged naked. He was a young hedge fund manager. He positioned me in front of the mirror and we had sex. Afterward, he handed me ten $50 bills.

I had been paid for sex.

“Adele, the Madame”, Miss Bianca, McSweeney’s

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