Charlie Sheen, Party Machine


From GQ:

People are always asking Charlie Sheen, “What are you thinking?” The drugs, the drink, the porn stars, the alleged violence, the trashed hotel rooms… why?

“Here’s a peek into my insanity,” he tells me one afternoon in February. “People say, ‘What are you thinking?’ and here’s the truth. It’s generally a quote from Apocalypse Now or Jaws.”

It’s Sheen’s fourteenth day of sobriety (this time around), and he’s calling from a baseball diamond on the west side of Los Angeles. Batting practice is like therapy for the former star athlete, people who know him say, and he’s spent the past few hours hitting balls with his friend Tony Todd, whom he met in Little League when they were 8 years old. This has been “the best day ever,” says Sheen, 45. His voice is relaxed and fluid. He sounds like he’s on the mend. But when I say as much, he’s quick to correct me.

“We’re past ‘on the mend,’ ” he says. “We’re not dealing with normal DNA here, you know what I’m saying? All those other sissies and amateurs, they can take their fucking time.” But not Charlie Sheen, the star of CBS’s Two and a Half Men, the top-rated comedy on television. He needs to get back to the set. “I heal as fast as I unravel. It’s a blessing and a curse. I feel I have to. There’s families out of jobs. There’s work to do.”

As we talk, he addresses his latest binge only obliquely at first. “In regards to this whole recent odyssey, I’ll just say this: It was epic,” he says. “There are two rules at my house right now: You park your judgment at the door, and you enjoy every moment. People can interpret that however they want. Enjoy every sober moment. Enjoy every loaded moment. Just enjoy every moment. It’s not a rehearsal, you know?”

“Coke, Hookers, Hospital, Repeat”, Amy Wallace, GQ